Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Texas Chicken - New Temptation

Had my lunch at Texas Chicken with Wani & Azuin today at Sunway Pyramid. Actually this was my 4th time went there. It was not bad at all. Sedap jugak. I can feel the tenderness & moisture of the chicken unlike other fast food with the same business nature. If you asked me, which one better? Texas Chicken or Popeye? I have tried both, and to be honest, I like both because their chicken still moist when you eat it. Some of my friend said Texas is better, but for me they have their own taste. Like popeye, I love their mashed potato, got some chillis flavor in it. But for texas, my favourite is the honey-butter biscuit. U guys shud try sometimes, the price is not that expensive, same like other fast food restaurant, KFC, Mcdonald etc..Sekali sekala tukar selera apa salah nye kan.. The best part is u can refill your beverages no matter how many times u want. Takde extra charge, g amik sendiri kat tempat disediakan.. Hi Texas chicken, you kill my diet!! Now I'm craving for more and more.

This is my favourite, Honey-Butter Biscuit

Original Chicken, they also have spicy flavor, and off course spicy was the selling fast item

Already googled, it is HALAL food for muslim

Hurm, if my husband read this (i think he'll be the 1st one read this entry-huhu) , he must be angry, makan Texas Chicken lagi? kan baru je makan...erk *lari*....


  1. best tak????pernah nampak tp tak berkesempatan nk singgah

    1. Best2, pada tekak sy best la sbb da 4 kali pegi, ayam dia moist, kawan2 pun cakap best.. harga dua ketul ayam plus dua side dishes, 1 honey-butter biscuit dan satu cup air leh refill, baru rm11.20 (ni harga before gst), tak kenal maka tak cinta =)

  2. Uik aza..nampak sedappp aaa..description pun meleleh aku bca haishh