Monday, 10 February 2014

I am who I am

"Naza..u know rite? the project was delayed..." and my quick response was... "ha??? why delay? I have purchased all the material...." (with the look of really surprised) suddenly my team leader replied, no need to worry, wah ur face...its not our fault, they themself asked to delay the project. Ooooic.. Team leader said, relax.. tengok u punya response...haha... Ok Ok I admit sometimes my spontaneous response is a bit out of tune, yeah I didnt mean to speak with that tone, yes high note is not a very good way to response but I am who I am. Growing up surrounded with people like me (garang), sometime I did not realize that I am talking with a loud voice and been misunderstood by people who actually did not know me that well. They thinked I was angry and completely mad at them. No No... I didnt mean that... Ha...sorry dear..sorry to all my friends, colleagues, familys and most important person is to my husband... Seriously kadang-kadang perasan diri ni tercakap macam nak menengking..but sebenarnya I was speak at normal level, haih, I know I have to more sensitive to a conversation, and try at least to smile while talking, be a positive person and respond in a polite way if possible...mesti buat, not if je...hurm, feel bad today, dah banyak kali agaknye org terasa hati dengan intonasi suaraku yang agak nyaring sumtimes..hee....Lepas ni, my new resolution, talking to others softly, nicely and posititively! I want to be a lovely person, with soft spoken attitude, wants to bring happiness in every conversation I had. Not only speaks but also to be a good listener (which I always failed at the first 5 minutes of any conversation) yes I admit it =) but later after 5 minutes I will catched up, definitely! especially when people start question me, what shud I do? Oh no, what was ur story again? =p

Mr.Google always nice to me =)

Don't hate bad day, there is always good in bad, there is always a reason behind the sad day ~InsyaAllah
SMILE people!