Monday, 31 March 2014

All the best, Bruno!

Today when I arrived at the office, it felt different from the usual days. It feel sad when I walked in front of Bruno's cubicle. He left ABB for good actually, better offers, better salary, better environment and better people I guess.. Yeah we did some farewell celebration last week for him at Murni Discovery, Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya, spending last minute time with him and other colleague as well. Thanks to everyone who participate in this farewell. To Bruno, thanks for everything! You've helped me a lot with EPLAN, AUTOCAD design and always be a good team and friend to me, thus I hope you will find success and happiness in your new company and have a wonderful working environment, fabulous friends like me (hehe) and wish you all the best for your future undertakings.

Brunos's Farewell - at Murni Discovery

Orked and en.hubby pun datang =)

Thanks Ayu & Umi for joining us
Sape nak tolong saya bile u takde nanti... uuuaaaaa.....
Kredit to Ayu for the picture and THANK YOU SO MUCH to MR.SHAQIQ for the treat.. Org kayo baru dapat bonus kan..ehehe...neway semoga rezeki shaqiq bertambah2 lagi lepas ni..AMIN...


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