Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Coffee Lover

I'm addicted to coffee. Yes, coffee. Everyday I must drink at least a cup of coffee. Is that bad or good thing? Coffee will brighten up my day and makes me awake at least till night. But now, when too much consumed it, it did not work anymore. I still feel sleepy... Felt like sleeping while blogging rite now...zZzZzzz... Wake up Aza...wake up...

Lets imagine u r sitting under the nice & cozy gazebo, early in the morning while enjoying a hot latte or cappucino coffee with a plate of kuih muih, surrounded with beautiful greenery view and sun is about to rise... the weather is a bit cold that day but still bearable.. wahhhh... I think I need a vacation and Coffee!!

Frappucino Caramel with coffee, Iced Caramel latte, Macchiatto, white coffee, mocha coffee, Hot cappucino and all of nescafe products, u named it...semua dah try...lazat ok! eventho its a bit bitter sumtimes, itu yg buat ianya lebih sdap, pahit2 dan creamy of the milk makes it more addictable.

Next time when u dunt have chatting partner, u can call me n we can have a chat over a coffee ok.. I won't refuse coffee rite now. But I'm afraid if coffee can reduce my possibilities to get pregnant, is it true mommies who r trying to get pregnant must avoid coffee? How about a small cup of coffee per day, is it ok? I promise once I've declared pregnant, I'll stop drinking coffee.. ^-^ weee..

I'm a Coffee Lover!

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