Friday, 19 December 2014

Uniformly Outrageous - ABB Annual Dinner 2014

Our annual dinner for this year were at Hotel Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya. As usual, we always have theme to dress up, and this year was Uniformly outrageous. Whoever had a dream to become a Doctor, lawyer, soldier, nurse or even a pilot, this was the time they switched their profession for one glamorous nite. And guess what uniform I picked for that nite?

Luckily, we managed to get one room at the hotel to get ready and dress up for the dinner. Thanks to Mr. Denver (our big  boss who kindly sponsored this room for us) this was his treat to support our participation in the performance talent, thanks!

Walauweh, every year Azuin's costume was the best to me, she always came out with creative ideas! Keep up the good work Azuin!

Back to school ~this is so cute

Macam2 ada, PLKN uniform pun boley haha

pose with our secretary, Elaine. FYI, Wani, Azuin & me choose this outfit for her and surprisingly she won the best dress!

Other division has choose Airlines Costume. When everyone were so sporting to follow the theme, that's the best photo u can get!

Us - some of LVSs

Menu Set of the day ~seriously, food were same every year, hopefully next year organizer/community can choose something different like western & Japanese mixed food instead of Chinese course meal every time..  boring ler

Guess what?? I received an award for Long service in ABB (5 years) ~Never thought that I can work with the same company since graduated until now... Aduhhh

my colleagues that still in ABB (same batch) , others left already..sobs sobs

with Jamal.. Tq for coming...jauh tu datang dari Singapore..u r the best bro..

No picture at the stage performance, only winning picture hehe (2nd prize)
Not my 1st choice of uniform but this was sponsored by "real" Fire fighter from my cousin. Thanks Abg Long for lending me this "hot" unifrom

Sayang saya yg dtg jemput malam tu..mekaseh sudi amik kat Hotel kul 11.30 mlm
That's All Bye2

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