Tuesday, 14 January 2014

ABB FuturisticNite #throwback2013

Last year ABB's annual dinner was organized by our division LPLS, tu yang buat ianya so special and the theme itself was creative! Futuristic Nite y'all... Can you imagine what's the future outfit gonna be?? Ha...Jom tengok:

This is our futuristic costume - mix & match

A part from LVS team - May the force be with u, ahaks

One of the performance that nite ~ yang ni bukan talent performance

Tahun ni saya and the other colleague kena force dgn manager utk masuk talent show ~aduhh

Konon2 nak buat cam Step Up ~giteww

Akhirnya Synchronized Swimming ala2 Olimpic menjadi pilihan kami huhu
Eh last minute punya practice pun boleh menang? dapat 2nd place, yey, berbaloi2..OKlah dapat jugak RM600, sape taknak kan? After all the hard work, kira worth it lah!

These were all the finalist for the best dress of the nite! Congrats to the winner!

Hurm, same like in 2012, I went home without any lucky draw prizes... =( not even a jusco voucher! so sad, nasib baik dapat hadiah performance, terubat la jugak kan...

OK till we meet again ya, take care

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