Monday, 30 September 2013

Team Bonding 2013 - Puteri Resort Melaka

22-24 August 2013. Puteri Resort, Ayer Keroh Melaka. LPLS team bonding. 3D2N.

Dah sebulan berlalu, baru nak upload gambar..(hehe) bz sgt nih..Jom layan gambar...

Stopped at RnR Seremban for breakfast

Amirul, Bruno, Shaqiq n Wani

Arrived at Puteri Resort and warm welcomed from the Hotel Management for us

At the training room

My Team - Kampung Dragon YEAHHH...

With Sing Choon Goh, our melancholy Engineer =)

7 element/obstacle activity - rasa macam lebih dari tujuh je

Jungle Cooking activity - dapat group dgn azuin utk kali kedua berturut2..hehe...(last time kat Taman Negara pun sama!) best

Team Wani - lupa dah nama ape...

Fuyyooo....ayam grg pandan & sup sayur satuuuu...

Look yummlicious but surprisingly, ibu yg always cook like everyday last place wehhh... =(

Hawaiiann Nite ~weeee

Some of the guys also very sporting to dress a hawaiian outfit ~bravo...

Group yg kena perform tarian bangra - best!

Group yang kene perform Michael Jackson(Thriller) - Jadi zombi da... group yang follow the theme - Hawaiian dance

Group yang paling mendapat tepukan gemuruh - belly dancing huhu

Aireen & Wani with their Hawaiian Outfit

Target Shooting Activity - YESS, our team won!!!

These were all the target that we shud shoot..BANG..BANG..BANG Tips to be a sharp shooter : Imagine the 'TARGET' is your BOSS ehehehe...

Green is for the environment awareness hehe

Pond Rafting activity - Built our on boat but when the time comes to raft, we have to use other's team boat (TRUST issues la ni)

The best part of all the tiring activity, we had a time where trainer said we can have our free and easy actitity, ape lagi...terjun swimming pool beramai2 la..Besar giler swimming pool kat sni (tengok muka masing2, happy sgt!)

Dinner at Restoran Ikan Bakar Alai, kat somewhere near umbai but not Umbai la..(boleh tahan, sedap-burrpp)
Last activity - Build up a Roller Coaster from 5 different teams. Bile combined kelima-lima team with different design and heigth, it will performed a huge ROLLER COASTER. Dan yang paling mencabar adalah utk menggerakkan sebiji guli from the top of the roller coaster to the bottom of it..ANd guess what...we made it successfully yeay..gud job all!
Next post I will upload some of the video from the Team Bonding ya =) Chow for now..

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